When you talk of any single thing in this world, the question that comes to anybody’s mind is where it all originated from. Even if it is about the human being, an entire topic or even subject has been dedicated to it, history of man. In terms of the web browsers, it is clear that it all began with what is currently seen to lie in ruins, the Microsoft internet explorer. When these two aspects are related to this piece of writing, it will be possible to talk about the history of internet explorer.

First, t needs to be understood that internet explorer was never the very first web browser to be invented in the world. Leaving that aside, internet explorer began following the efforts of Microsoft in 1995 to work on a vital project, which was a code they called Chicago at that time. At the same time, there was a development of an extension of the same project which involved the creation of system by name O’Hare.

The intention of Microsoft with these projects was solely to mix and bring together the two projects into a single thing for effective and efficient usage by their customers. Microsoft then made the deal towards the end of their project by deciding on taking the O’Hare technologies. These technologies were to be distributed as part and parcel of the distinct add-on pack to the products of the Chicago project.

Chicago is the current Windows 95 and has proved to be one of the most effective and productive operating systems ever can be until now. O’Hare who was the add-on is the now popularly referred to as the internet explorer 1.0, and this forms its whole beginning.

Even if it is evident that the Windows 95 integrated perfectly with the internet explorer, very few customers preferred it as most of the people used the Netscape browser instead. Some people also avoided it to use such browsers as lynx, mosaic, as well as the opera.

As a result, Microsoft was still bold. In the next year, the company made some extra mile and brought forth the internet explorer 2.0 versions. It was the very first cross-platform browser from Microsoft. This platform was available for both the 32 bit and Macintosh windows users.

Another version of internet explorer was then released merely a year later in 1996 with Microsoft introducing the version 3.0. This was a success which was realized overnight, thanks to its wide array of useful features which include the ability to support both audio and video multimedia. It also endorsed the active controls of Microsoft as well as Java applets.

At that time, a war began between version 3.0 and the popularly used Netscape. However, there was one factor which made it possible for people to migrate from the Netscape browser to embark on the internet explorer version 3.0. The latter was freely given to the users while the Netscape was sold and users could only browse at a fee.

Today, there is still a single factor that trends to bar a full success of the internet explorer, and that is the failure of this browser to take care of the security issues in the most appropriate way. After the release of the latest version of internet explorer in 1996, the browser has had lots of problems with security one coming after the other.

People used to report many issues every time, making people leave it again to embark on different types of browsers. Following this failure on the side of internet explorer, the likes of opera, Firefox and even safari joined the market to leverage on the shortcomings and boom the market.

In terms of security and functionality, these browsers blew away the internet explorer and became the champs of the market. They provided their users with more advanced features, including browsing extensions and even tabbed browning, which allowed people to navigate with lots of tabs at the same time.

Nevertheless, it took some time to lure people off the internet explorer path following the initial trust and faith they had on it. In the years 1999, to 2003, and following the release of the internet explorer’s versions 5.0 and 6.0, the browser was trendy and had the most users in the world. This happened following the smart marketing tactics which were employed by Microsoft at that time.

Today, internet explorer has been equated to security issues, bugs as well as outdated technology which cannot help browsers. Even with its dramatic improvements in the recent past, internet explorer has continued to lose acute and active grounds to its competitors in the market.

However, it should be understood that it is often challenging to keep Bill Gates out of the picture for a long time, probably something is cooking!