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Massive Monster


Australia, Sydney.

United Kingdom, Southampton

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Early 2017






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$14.99 USD




So what is The Adventure Pals? Take challenging yet exciting platforming, mix liberally with ridiculous big boss battles, slather on some RPG-style towns and exploration, and you're on the right track! This time, the player is out to rescue dear old Papa, who's going to be turned into a hotdog by the nefarious Mr. B unless you can stop him.


Together with the prancing, helicopter-tongue'd Sparkles the giraffe, and the smashing skills of Mr. Rock, you'll romp (and stab) your way through a whopping 125 levels across five different areas, each filled with towns, minigames, and much more.


But wait, that's not all! In addition to packing in over ten hours of sweet, sweet action and some animated cutscenes, The Adventure Pals will support local co-op with a pal of your own, gamepads, and all the delicious hotdogs you can handle. The Adventure Pals is brought to life by the people behind some of your favourite hit games, like Give Up 2, Achievement Unlocked 3, and many more.



  • Explore 5 different areas each of which has 25 levels, a boss, towns, mini games, shops & other quite interesting things!
  • Local 2 player Co - Operative play.
  • 10+ hours of gameplay.
  • Hundreds of traps and enemies.
  • Immersive Story with animated cutscenes with hilarities guaranteed.
  • Adventures, Quests and crazy townsfolk.
  • Giraffe filled good times with happy smiles and family friendly giggles.
  • 1080p 60fps.
  • Gamepad support.
  • Warning: Will make you hungry for hot dogs (sorry veggies).




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Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Use Of Game Physics" Intel Level Up 2015
  • "Best Kids & Family Game" Casual Connect Asia 2016

Selected Articles

  • "...Action RPG action is all given a very silly coat of paint"
    - Joel Couture,
  • "The game evokes a childhood innocence that meshes with the goofy, creative world Massive Monster have conjured up"
  • "All of the subtle humor you want in your children's stories, with fun-as-hell gameplay to boot"
    - haogamers.com

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